Its a laughing matter

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November 10, 2012 by R.G. Morse

Just laughing

I had so much fun writing this book, I still cannot stop laughing!

And when my editor and his crew including the printer stop laughing, we will have the book available late January 2013!

Hang in there!  You won’t be disappointed!

There was a young farm boy driving an old two-wheel manure cart pulled by a horse down the road.  He got pulled over by a cop, who told him that he should have a red reflective triangle mounted on the back of the cart to warn motorists.  The young lad promised the cop to tell his dad about this.  Upon examining how the horse was hitched to the cart, the cop noticed a leather strap looped around the horse’s testicles, leading back to the cart.  The cop told the young farm boy to drive straight home and have his dad remove the leather strap, as he considered it cruelty to animals.  Upon arriving in the farmyard, the young lad told his father about being stopped by a cop for not having a red reflective triangle on the back of the cart.  His dad promptly mounted the triangle.  “What else did the cop say?” asked the farmer.  “He said something about the emergency brake,” replied the boy.


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