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Virtually everyone seems to find The Heedless Norseman funny...

Virtually everyone seems to find The Heedless Norseman funny…

I really enjoyed reading your book, I had many good laughs.

Olga Kulyk, Medicine Hat, Alberta

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. As I was raised on a farm I could for the most part relate to your “adventures.” Enjoyed the jokes and will definitely be trying some of the recipes.

Annette Nobert, Lafleche, Saskatchewan

Your book arrived the other day when I returned from Vancouver. I have managed to get 30+ pages in and I must say how much I am enjoying it. The stories are great….. I am sure they are all true. For me the interesting aspect of reading these stories is remembering stories from my youth. Including the recipes makes me think about the meals my mom used to make. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

Ray Bassett, Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks for sending it, Kaare: great as I’d expected it would be! Dan’s laughing at something in the book right now as I type!

Cherie Larson, Edmonton, Alberta

Oh my goodness Kaare, its been a long time since I laughed out loud by myself!! I just started your book, and it is so good!! Just finished reading about Aunt Tora – hilarious!

You’ve done such an excellent job of bringing your stories to life – congratulations!

Heres to laughter!

Ruth Phillips, Camrose, Alberta

I just had some good laughs reading about you and your brother lisping in turn to the poor woman, and doing all your other pranks with her. I can’t even imagine how you managed to know how funny/fun that was, at such a young age! I wish I had been watching with your dad.

Gail Barrett, Estevan, Saskatchewan

1st of all – thank you for sending it – 2ndly…  I cannot stop laughing, you know why?  Because I can just see you and brother doing the things that you talk about, but not only that – I see just the crazy Norwegian guys with their CRAZY sense of humor.  It just so reminds me of my dad and his family.  I am nowhere near finished, but what I have read so far – it absolutely cracks me up – Thank you for the laughs!!

Jane Garthus, Delta, British Columbia

I found The Heedless Norseman a perfect blend of comedic memories and delicious recipes.  A complete enjoyable read from start to finish!

Annette Carson Rivera, Curve Lake, Ontario

…..quite enjoyed the read – well done – Garrison Keillor move over!

Steve Barrett, Edmonton, Alberta

The Heedless Norseman is one of the funniest books I’ve read in years.  I very rarely laugh out loud when I’m reading but this book had tears rolling down my cheeks!  Your vivid descriptions are priceless.  I am genuinely looking forward to your next publication.  As soon as I start spending more time inside I will be making a batch of your meatballs.  It is definitely a literary Jewel!

Wendy Barker, Gibbons, Alberta

I have read the Heedless Norseman, and must say I enjoyed it thoroughly.  From the chuckles, laughing and outright guffaws. it was a trip.  I was also grateful that the twins weren’t mine.  Quite looking forward to the next
Heedless edition.

Jean Peppar, Mulhurst Bay, Alberta

January 1, 2014

…..I am on my own, but who needs company when you have Kaare Askildt’s book to read.  I have been roaring with laughter all evening.  I knew from the first papargraph that I was going to enjoy it “…the land of long winter nights and (God help me) lutefisk”…

Ann, Geilo, Norway

Hey Kaare, I just thought I’d let you know that your book that I gave to my friend Linda is now being read by her husband, who just made Crepes from your recipe. They both really enjoyed the breakfast!

She said they both especially enjoyed the stories about “the twins” and will for sure want to buy your second book. Smile

Gail Barrett, Estevan, Saskatchewan

Hi Kaare, both Roger and I have just finished your second book The Heedless Norseman 2, and it is absolutely hilarious!

Sharon Bruce, Edmonton, Alberta

Laugh baby

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