Heedless Norseman 2 Front CoverIf you like to laugh (and love a good recipe on the side), you’re going to want your own copies of The Heedless Norseman and now the hilarious sequel, The Heedless Norseman 2 right away. It’s easy — just click here!


Or if you’re in the Camrose, Alberta area, drop by The Lefse House, and pick up a copy at 5210 – 51 Avenue, Camrose, ABT4V 4N5 Tel.: (780)672-7555  http://thelefsehouse.ca/

Tell Bernell Odegard Kaare sent you!



Oh my goodness Kaare, its been a long time since I laughed out loud by myself!! I just started your book, and it is so good!! Just finished reading about Aunt Tora – hilarious!

You’ve done such an excellent job of bringing your stories to life – congratulations!

Heres to laughter!

Ruth Phillips, Camrose, Alberta

What sane man would move from a place that looks like this…

… to a place that looks like this?…

Er, that would be… me!

That’s right folks, you’ve come to the one and only website created by yours truly, Kaare Askildt, AKA The Heedless Norseman!

On these pages you’ll find excerpts from my new book (cleverly titled The Heedless Norseman)…

You’ll also find everything from the occasional hilarious — but (almost) always true — story, observations of life on a Saskatchewan farm from a self-styled “Farmer in Training,” favourite recipes — in short, plenty of ammo to help see you through an otherwise potentially dismal day, with a spring in your step and a smile on your face!

Thanks for visiting!

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hans says:

    Congratulations on the Website. A new hobby for you. Nice looking farm and shelter belt. Hope you got lots of wood piled up for a cozy winter by the fire.


  2. Ove says:

    Looking good my dear friend ! And if you where born i Sweden you would never had left!! 🙂

  3. John says:

    Looking good 😀
    We await the book, hope it will be out till Christmas:….

    AND your page also state if you read between the line, that it isn’t such a bad an non-intelligent choice to stay in Norway & don’t do farming as the rest of us do 🙂

    TADA John

  4. Kjell Askildt says:

    Dette ser veldig bra ut Kaare. Håper du lykkes med opplegget ditt. Ønsker deg all mulig lykke (og litt velstand??) Hilsen din “andre halvpart” Kjell

  5. rudy romaniuk says:

    you are looking good kaare

  6. Anne Nielsen says:

    Congrats looking forward to your book from Anne and Nels

  7. Sidsel Bradley says:

    Congratulations. Will it be available to order on line for Christmas? I would like a signed copy please. Sidsel

  8. Sue Dupuis-Fincaryk says:

    Looking good pops!!

  9. Tye Olson says:

    So this is the big uproar I have been hearing about. Looking forward to see your book!! Hope a Olson or two was worthy to make the cut.

  10. Thomas Juell says:

    Lenge siden vi traff hverandre på Bygdøy. Vil bare benytte anledningen til å ønske deg en flott 70-års dag.

  11. Gerry Larson says:

    Many thanks & great talking to you, I enclose Allen O Larson info RE Scandinavian Press
    Passed on your email to My daughter Tracy Last & Grand daughter Amber Hingley as they are the experts re WEB SITE No Commission re your request as you could add our
    http://www.forvikingsonly.ca in exchange

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